Why Do We Love Rooftop Tents? Part#2

Posted by tom on: December 5, 2022

Please check out part#1

5. Don’t waste time packing up tents

With the Roofnest, you're always ready for your next adventure. You don't have to pull out your tent and sleeping bag only to be on the road for 2 hours only to realize you forgot your poles.

Your roof tent can be kept on top of your vehicle during camping season, and most models allow you to store your sleeping bag neatly inside.

Don't worry about where to sleep - Base Camp is always with you. Roofnest lets you get out and explore more often

6. Camp comfortably in cold weather

If you're in the mountains or other cooler regions, the camping season can be short and sweet. It may start late due to rain and hail in May, or be shortened by unexpected snowstorms in September.

That is unless you're camping on the Roofnest.

Camp comfortably in the rain and snow with the Roofnest Rooftop Tent's fiberglass shell and insulated, weatherproof sidewalls. No matter what Mother Nature throws at you, you'll stay extra warm with the Roofnest Down Blanket and our Ptarmigan Insulation System.

This means you can extend your camping season well beyond summer, making your Roofnest tent much more versatile than a traditional tent. More usage equals more value.

7. Make more room for your gear

We know you can always make more room for your gear. Bikes, kayaks, crash pads, snowboards—the list goes on.

Sometimes your outdoor adventures may be limited by space (or lack thereof) in your car.

The roof tent sits on top of your car, which means you don't have a tent cluttering up your precious cargo space. With most of our tent models, you can store all your bedding inside the Roofnest, freeing up more space.

If you choose our Falcon Rooftop Tent, you can place the crossbars on top of the tent. Not only do you have more space in the car, but you can also mount gear on the roof. It's the best of both worlds.

8. Roofnests are aerodynamic and fuel-efficient

With the Roofnest's sleek yet sturdy design, you get better fuel efficiency than other roof tents. Roofnests are designed to be durable and weatherproof, so there's no reason why you can't keep it on your car roof year-round.

You never know when an impromptu camping opportunity will present itself. be ready.

If winter camping isn't your thing, the Roofnest is easy to remove from your vehicle. At the end of your camping season, remove it from your ride and store it for winter use. When spring starts, put it back on and you're good to go.

9. Be a part of the Roofnest Flock

When you buy a Roofnest, you get more than just a rooftop tent. You become part of Roofnest Flock, our community of Roofnest homeowners.

You'll have the opportunity to network with like-minded outdoor enthusiasts who will answer your questions, share amazing off-road excursions and inspire you to keep exploring.

You might even meet other members of Flock on your next outing. new friend? We will never say no.

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Why do we love Rooftop Tents? It's convenient, safe, comfortable, and a lot more which we will talk about in this article.
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